Do you Need a web Developer?

We can work together. Hire a full-stack experienced developer ready to be hands-on since the first day.

No Intermediaries

Forget about agencies where you speak with people wich is not involved in the project. Here, you will speak directly with me, the developer.

I Learn Every Day

I keep my skills to date with the technologies I offer so I am productive since the first day. Have you played Age of Empires? I'm one of the special units.

A Proactive Person

Communication is frequent and consistent. Hire a proactive developer who updates you about his progress in the project every day. You don't even need to ask.

I Will Join Your Team

I can join your team Part Time or Full Time. I can work remotely or we can work on site in the UK or in Spain. Is it a long project? I may reach further locations.


My experience is based in a almost a decade of knowledge and experience around the best coding practices and proactive communication.

My mission towards clients

My name is Eduardo, but you can just call me 'Ed'. I'm an IT Passionate and I work as a professional full-stack web developer. I try to do my best creating astonishing tools and services. I have helped clients from various fields, from small companies to big hotel groups.

I also create CMS and general purpose tools like plugins, themes, tools and services to help both startups and other developers around the world.

I'm proficiente with many languages and framworks as you can see in my project list, however, I work as a contractor WordPress developer. Why WordPress? Because It's what I have been doing the past years. Do you need an API or a custom web application? You can also drop me a message.

If you need a motivated full stack web developer you are in the right place. I deliver 120% of what I promise.

My focus is to provide secure and reliable results, also guaranteeing a good user experience.

Want to get started?

We can work together remotely or on-site if you prefer to communicate closely way to get the desired result. I also support your ideas so you can archieve your goals with your project. We will build the tools to improve your bussiness.