We don´t just code, we move projects forward

Looking for a Developer?

Hire a full-stack experienced developer ready to be hands-on since the first day. I actually use many frameworks and tools, but when working as a contractor I focus in WordPress.

A Proactive Person

Communication is frequent and consistent. Hire a proactive developer who updates you about his progress in the project every day. You don't even need to ask.

I Join Your Team

I can join your team Part Time or Full Time. I can work remotely or we can work on site in the UK or in Spain. Is it a long project? I may reach further locations.

I Learn Every Day

I keep my skills to date with the technologies I offer so I am productive since the first day. Have you played Age of Empires? I'm one of the special units.

No Intermediaries

Forget about agencies where you speak with people wich is not involved in the project. Here, you will speak directly with me, the developer.

SEO Best Practices

I have an extensive background in SEO. I have been responsible for many websites in my previous jobs and presonal projects. I run a blog network and also write lots of contents. This means that I'm up to date and that I embrace best SEO practices to keep Google happy.

What will I do for you?

I usually say that if you can imagine it, it can be done. Here are some tasks I usually do for the companies I work with:

WP Theme Development

Do you have a design in PSD format? I will create a pixel perfect fully functional responsive Theme following WordPress guidelines.

WP Plugin Development

Do you need a new functionality or tool for your website? I will create a WordPress Plugin or Widget to fulfill your needs.

Website Development

I will crate your brand new website coded from the scratch or using a CMS like in WordPress or Drupal. Leave it to a professional.

Web APP Development

I can use Codeigniter, Laravel or no framework at all. Just tell me your requirements and I'll tell you what's the best option.

API Development and Integration

I have extensive experience creating APIs sou you can integrate all your tools or gather data from different sources.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to rank better in Search Engines? I can optimize your website design, loading times and contents to rank better.

Creation of new interfaces

Website design trends change, so if you are jealous of the website of your competition, I can create a new HTML5 responsive interface.

Canvas Games / Animations

Do you want to add a beautiful animation to your website or even a canvas JS mini game? I have experience with Phaser engine!

Able to Build Amazing Interfaces

As a full-stack developer I also have experience using HTML5, CSS3, hand coded javascript (Prototype) and using many frameworks.

Companies I Work With


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