Production Date February, 2012
Categories Blogs

The blog started as a personal project in 2012. It was a blog written from the scratch in PHP as part of a web management panel created in the past. It was a demonstration of tech skills, as it made a heavy use of AJAX. The blog was left appart shortly afterwards, but we started to write again in the year 2014. We decided to join the dark side and use WordPress, first using a custom theme, then using a commercial one and we now have plans to create a new one to be shared along all blogs we run, to keep it simple. We try to write things of general interest in Spanish, as well as programming topics. The blog has suffered 2 restylings, but the idea is to keep it simple, focus in the content and make it easy to read.

We might rewrite the original blog code some day but, to be honest, we would’t keep anything of it but write it again, keeping only main purpose classes.